Point to Point

One-pipe telecom in a managed network all the activities required for the operation, administration, provisioning, and maintenance of a networked system are carried out by a third party or service provider. this can be a great convenience for businesses/enterprises as a supplement or even replacement of the in-house department and it can reduce costs and provide more time for concentration on core businesses.

Advantages of Point to Point

1) Highest Bandwidth because there is only two nodes having entire bandwidth of a link.
2) Very fast compared to other network topologies because it can access only two nodes.
3) Very simple connectivity.
4) It provides low Latency.
5) Easy to handle and maintain.

Point to point internet

The ideal Solution to reduce IT overheads:

This is an ideal solution for reducing its overheads for all kinds of businesses, both small and big. an efficient networked system is essential for all businesses including its companies, financial institutions and banks, educational institutions, hospitals, governmental bodies and public sector companies, and so on. outsourcing the management of this networked system is a very cost and labor-effective strategy for all businesses.

Access Solutions:

One-pipe Telecom offers a range of dedicated leased internet connectivity solutions with various compression ratios as well as premium bandwidth solutions. Our offerings start with 25 Mbps 155 STM, 1 Gig above levels. Through its excellent quality of service and unbeatable downtime at the most economical prices

Gateway Solutions:

One-pipe Telecom implemented various applications to protect companies against attacks from the internet which can bring the entire companies operations to a standstill. Its comprehensive open source-based applications provide complete protection to corporate against viruses, hackers, and other dangers of the net. We have also developed a fully functional bandwidth management system to aid and assist network administrators to control their bandwidth requirements and providing complete network management interfaces.

Integaration Solutions:

One-pipe telocom in this one-pipe network where complete communications are the need of the day onepipe telecom internet technologies offer customized solutions ranging from providing connectivity to sourcing equipment to complete network integration and setup of LAN/WAN requirements. we also provide industry-specific consulting for call center / BPO and other industries to meet their requirements. with the need of the corporate getting very demanding for technology to cross with effective prices our role as a one-stop communications company has become very challenging.